Hashtag LOVE, 2014 
High density foam and acrylic paint 
57 x 48 x 24 in. 


As an artist, I strive to find amicable ways to evoke mine and my viewers’ thoughts and feelings towards worthwhile topics. To simplify in order to make even the most complex or alien subject matter amicable. This can be achieved through various methods as demonstrated by various art movements of the past. To achieve this in my work I often employ simple imagery and/or lines combined with the lack of color, or the use of only solid colors. I also believe that humor can further encourage viewers to explore ideas and places that may otherwise be intricate, unknown, uncomfortable or even intimidating. To bring fresh ideas to the foreground of people’s minds. To make the world not a smaller place, but a less intimidating, more inclusive and enjoyable one.

About Amirmohsen Shahheidari 

Amirmohsen Shahheidari is an Iranian-American artist. He studied art at the University of Georgia. His work is influenced by the inventiveness of early hip hop culture and the various forms of art it helped foster. Amirmohsen often finds humor where others may not, creating inherent humor and irony in his work that is often reminiscent of pop art. In the end, Amirmohsen strives to not only express his own ideas but also evoke his viewer’s thoughts towards various social and cultural matters. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.