Murmur, 2015
Grass sod, LEDs, remote sensor, rice paper, rope
Dimensions Variable


The realm of mythology alludes to the powerful narrative spectrum that has taken root in the history of humanity since the day the first story was orated. The desire to gain knowledge surrounding the idea of existence has led to the creation of Egyptian deities, Greek gods and goddesses, transcribed codes of ethics, and whimsical folklore. Whether a resonating force throughout socio-political macrocosms or an innocuous campfire tale, narratives retain an influential nature on its subjects. Myths have shaped entire empires only to bring them crumbling back down. These intricate stories have fascinated, terrified, and intrigued mankind for centuries on end. They have toyed with the desire of man in understanding the origin of natural phenomena, indoctrinated powerful civilizations with uniformly accepted ideas, and been immobilized as mere novelties as scientific explanation sought to replace their pedagogical nature. They are idolized, criticized, unraveled and retold. Loved and abhorred, mythology now exists as a silent crusader within the vast and ever-shifting realms of scientific discovery. Yet what my practice supports is the idea that science is less a negating agent against mythos as it is a specific realm of mythology all on its own, aiding us in an ontological pursuit of truth and meaning that is tailored to the individual experience. No matter how far we have come in explaining the ‘How’ of various things, we have come no closer in explaining the ‘Why’ of anything at all. I believe that when the forces of mythology come to cohabitate with that of scientific explanation, a new, empowered state of perception becomes accessible within various realms of contemporary discourse.

My installation work aims to utilize seemingly simple objects and emphasize their powerful effect by multiplying them in large quantities to produce an immersive experience for the viewer. I aim to create seas, storms, and endless terrains in contained environments that simulate a natural occurrence and incite investigation into the mythological properties at hand. By placing the viewer in close proximity to natural elements that are acting out of their natural places, I hope to remind the individual of the complexity of these elements, which serve as a mere pulse within the grand narrative of cosmogony. My work aims to illustrate this belief, drawing from anecdotes, embedded histories, and individual experiences to portray an enriched synergy of physical wonder and mythological properties.

About Chaney Lane Trotter

Chaney Trotter is an oil painter and installation artist from Houston, Texas. She received her B.F.A. from The University of Southern California in 2008, a Post-Baccalaureate from Maryland Institute College of Art in 2010, and her M.F.A. from Parsons the New School for Design in 2013. Amidst her education, Trotter studied at the Florence University of the Arts in Italy and has participated in exhibitions in Houston, Los Angeles, Baltimore, and New York City. Her work utilizes natural and manmade elements to create immersive experiences, ones that blend together archaic mythologies and contemporary dialogue into settings that encourage viewer interaction.