Living, 2013
C Print
30 x 30 in.


I am a multi-disciplined artist from Chicago, living and working in Brooklyn. My artwork is about heralding the spiritual and aesthetic qualities I discover in nature and the quotidian. I am an active parent so working within the routine of caring for my children often dictates my artwork subject. Presently most of my work is inspired from daily walks I take with my dog and children.

Since moving to Brooklyn in September 2012, the trees in the area have captivated me. The texture of their bark and elegance of their limbs have driven me to record and share their beauty. Each work is a composite photograph that highlights a moment in viewing these amazing creations. The resulting compositions suggest the central ornamentation, or medallion, of a prayer rug. As this body of work grew, I included trees that I met in travel from California and Texas

The sanctum boxes series was originally inspired by the meditation practice during the Catholic Lenten season of the Stations of the Cross. During the ritual the Passion is retold in 14 distinct episodes and one is encouraged to mediate on each and apply those lessons to one’s way of life. After I had read a modern interpretation written by the Maryknoll Society, I was moved to create works based on my own interpretation and subsequently my own challenges. Each work is a sanctum, often using a cigar box, with images I take from everyday interactions. The meditations, indicated by the title, focus on ideas such as self-reflection, compassion, gratitude, etc.

About Charles Heppner

Charles Heppner is a multidisciplinary artist living in Brooklyn and Chicago. He was born in Chicago into a large Catholic family where individualism was allowed unfettered. He has a degree in Mathematics from the University of Wisconsin—Madison. He has worked in finance and is a devoted parent of three children. His current body of work concerns spirituality and the human relationship to nature.
Charles has shown his work in numerous galleries both in Chicago and New York. His work is in many private and corporate collections throughout the United States. He has studios in Chicago and Brooklyn