Business & Pleasure 13, 2011
Oil on Canvas with Collared Shirts
38 x 38 in.


Business clothing was donated by bank employees during the Recession. The canvases are cuttings of my own past paintings that have been hand stitched together again.

Using methods of constructing and deconstructing, I am constantly re-purposing my own artwork. One series literally leads to another, where previous works are cut, torn and sewn or woven back together again into new series of works, which may be reconstructed into yet another art form. Using a unique blend of materials and process, I blur the definitions and distinctions between craft and Fine Art. I mend the broken pieces of my work together as a metaphor for the broken system that is the Art World today; each series touching on a different aspect of the business of Art.

About Christina Massey

Christina Massey was born in California. Her solo exhibitions include The World of Threads Festival in Toronto, Dacia Gallery, Taller Boricua Galleries and Rush Arts Corridor Gallery in NYC. Other predominant shows have been at The Ormond Memorial Art Museum, Riverviews Artspace, Like the Spice Gallery, Smack Mellon, The MoCADA, and The Contemporary Art Center in NJ.
Her installation work is currently fiscally sponsored by NYFA in their Artspire program. She is the recipient of a Puffin Foundation Grant and Weaving Hand Studio Residency. Massey’s work was featured on Brooklyn Independent Television as well as multiple online and print publications.