Since thou wast precious in my sight, 
Male Duet
15 minutes (looped)


Since thou wast precious in my sight is a confession of memory and its opposing states: presence versus absence, repetition versus rendition, duration versus distortion, endurance versus exhaustion. Two men engage in a highly athletic duel confronting the paradox and the stamina of the seen body. Referencing the Book of Isaiah (43:4), they sift through the simultaneous habit, desire and grievance to submit. This duet exists most minimally: the brute and virtuosic strength each man brings to the space is matched against the incidental sound of their labor. Their interest lies in dissolving the body, the pious, the precious, the irreverent and its reveal.

About Danielle Russo Performance Project

Danielle Russo is a professional choreographer and performer based in New York City. Her choreography has been presented nationally at the American Dance Festival, Jacob's Pillow and The Yard; and internationally in Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Mexico, Panama, South Korea, Spain and Sweden.

"I craft sensoriums; stages that extend their arms and hug the audience in such a way that the dance contains them. My movement aesthetic, methodology and mission is rooted in a study of intimacy; innate intimacy that glistens in lived behavior versus the inherent contradiction of choreographed intimacy, i.e. coerced intimacy or produced intimacy. My process, whether whole or in part, integrates public space with the intent of heightening awareness and response to the subtle sensations that anchor the intimate experience. The crux of my research lies in the affect of holistic and sensual awareness, and consequently, how the stimulation of latent memory can enliven not only the dancing body but also those that bear its witness. I have installed intimate performances for the public in surreal environmental conditions either amplified or augmented by my own doing: parlors flooded by 400,000 white roses, cement pillars suspending bodies with industrial cellophane, foyers recarpeted in inexhaustible bubble wrap, the occupation of immense water concourses, the spoon-feeding of German chocolate cake to a string of strangers, so on and so forth. These projects are embedded in a tender curiosity of the theatrical transcendence of the seen body, and consequently, trends of merit stemming from the simplicity of being exposed. My objective is to create a safe space that reinforces and respects audience agency, mobility and consent in the hope of establishing an honest exchange of vulnerable time and space."  Danielle Russo, AD & GM.