The Talking Tapestry
Solo performance
4 hours


Jade Fusco (DMZL) is an interdisciplinary artist inspired by an exciting agenda for engaging human kind in revolutionary modes of experiencing creativity, sharing love, and reinventing our language. She is half American and half Italian, born in Paris, France, and raised in LA. She landed in New York in 2008, to receive her undergraduate education at the Gallatin School of Individualized study at NYU. She moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn, after graduation in 2012, where she maintains a home base. Fusco makes paintings of various scales, draws, acts and sings professionally, creates her own music, designs installations and directs performances, makes costumes, experiments with different modes and materials for sculpture, practices yoga and dances like a wild woman. She is dedicated to living her life as art and living with intention, celebrating each of her activities as a ritual—an opportunity to explore presence before what is sacred in each and every action. Fusco's work is inspired by the spirits of the European and American avant-garde and modernist movements, abstract expressionism, American avant-garde theater, and Butoh dance, to name a few. She claims that the philosophy, experiments, games and riddles presented by the characters from those historical chapters, are more relevant now than ever, in our age of cyber exploitation and transition into uber-consciousness: A celebration of the art object and act of making as a vehicle for investigating our subconscious minds, and what is divine; by making what is static and inanimate, come to life; what is convention and normal, an invention of the mind, and utterly bizarre; and pinning language at the crux of how reality can be disassembled and reconstructed. Her practice consists of constant experimentation and evolution, with drawing, writing, and voice exercises as the foundational processes that germinate elaboration across other mediums. Fusco travels often to the west coast and to Europe to catalyze projects and collaborate with like-minded artists. She plans on continuing to explore the world through art, with an open invitation for creators to join her in making meaningful, site-specific projects that inspire deeper connections with the Self and with the planet, and demonstrate the necessity of creative freedom to change the planet.

About Jade Fusco (DMZL)

Jade Fusco (DMZL) makes paintings, sculpture, masks and costumes, acts and sings professionally, creates her own music, writes and directs performances, dances like a madwoman, and practices yoga religiously. She designs her projects to engage and ignite the public, often breaking the fourth wall by prompting interaction, meditation, mediation, and philosophizing with, on, around, the work.She creates under the pseudonym of DMZL, ("damsel")-which she regards as the highest ideal for self-expression. DMZL is a realm of mythology that inspires her manifestation. DMZL represents simultaneously Fusco’s personal journey of re-claiming the archetype of the “damsel in distress,” by exploring the embodiment of the DMZL and the heroin that comes to her rescue, as one, claiming responsibility for her own salvation. Her visions come in waves, culminating in grand, spirited spectacles she calls DMZL Ritual Art Theater, and episodic art videos that stream from DMZL CHANNEL.