Wildfire, 2014
Acrylic on panel 
48 x 77 in. 


My paintings rely on discovery-- excavating into the surface to find the painting beneath. It begins with an application thick layers of paint, creating a sedimentation of color that is later unearthed. The process allows for a journey through the depth of the paint, subtracting and adding to the supports until the painting is ultimately resolved. I see the layers of paint revealing their own history, some layers becoming more significant than others. They change and morph through the process, revealing different worlds within the painting. The paintings arrive through the process and through my daily routine. I am interested in how we see the world and our memory of it. I grew up spending my summers at my family’s cottage on the Allegheny River in Oil City, Pennsylvania. Everyday I would stare at the hills with my cousins and play across the river on various large rocks. We began to create a language about our landscape that we spent so much time discovering, naming our special places, growing up thinking hills were mountains.

About Karin Waskiewicz 

I was born in Erie Pennsylvania, spending my summers on the Allegany River in Oil City Pennsylvania. I studied at SACI in Florence Italy and got my BFA at Kent State University. I showed at Pulse Miami and Houston Fine Art Fair with Schroeder Romero. I was in a group show at Schroeder Romero, Momenta Art Benefit and published in New American Painting MFA Issue 94. I had a solo show in the projects room and a group show “Catch as Catch Can” at Margaret Thatcher Projects. I recently graduated in honors with my MFA in painting from the University of Iowa. Currently I work and live in Brooklyn New York.