Group performance
1 hour


I create non-verbal visual theater. The scenery, costumes, lighting, and objects ARE the theater. The literal performance of these design elements not only sets the tone of a work, but actually conveys perspectives, ideas, and questions on a theme or story. This is done with an intent to evoke wonder and visceral emotion in an audience. All this is not to say that I do not also include actors, figurative puppets, or text in my performances. Rather, it is that these elements are also treated as design that performs.

About Kate Brehm 

Kate is a movement specialist who performs and devises original works of visual theater using objects and physical performance. Her company, imnotlost, has been producing performances and events in New York City since 2003. Well-known for it's large and unusual puppet objects, uncanny stories, and madcap character, imnotlost is part of the fabric of a vibrant New York City puppetry scene. Select directing and/ or design credits: The POOFS - Theater for One box in Times Square, DARK SPACE - Chashama on 42nd Street, The EYE WHICH WE DO NOT HAVE - Dixon Place.