The Reflection, 2014
Fabric, straw and thread on black moire 
14.5 x 28 in. 


I choose to capture time with the use of fiber and traditional textile crafts. Time is typically documented through photographs that record the events in our lives: Birthdays, weddings, school pictures, vacations: shared time with loved ones. I am drawn to and inspired by these timeless memories marking specific moments in our lives.

I transform the images into fabric shapes and stitched lines. I work to capture the light and to simplify the three-dimensional world into as few tonal planes as possible, while maintaining the feeling of depth and volume.

My passion for fabric and sewing blossomed when I was eight and learned the magic of making things by hand from my Great-Grandmother. I fell in love with the beauty and tenderness contained in those embroidered, woven, and sewn objects women made, with love, for their families.

Working with fabric gives me the bold graphic forms I love, while allowing me to express the intimacy of the moment through machine and hand stitched details. The overlay of historical traditions, passed down to me from generations of women, with the capture of a contemporary moment, are essential to my work. All of it invokes a tactile and visual experience that I find deeply pleasing and rewarding.

About Lisa Lackey 

Based in New York City, Lisa Lackey is an artist born to an Industrial Advertiser father, with an office in their home, and an Elementary School Art Teacher and Textile Artist mother. As a child, Lisa was exposed to the precision of triangles and T-squares, Ruby lithographs and mechanicals while learning the multifaceted techniques of traditional crafts and fine art: Watercolor, macramé, weaving, sewing, crochet, origami, paper and dough sculpture, even Pysanky: Ukranian egg painting. Her work is a synthesis of a bold graphic with the intimacy of handworked, sewn details. Lisa received a Bachelor of Environmental Design and a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from the University of Kansas after which she moved to New York City and enrolled in Graduate School at the School of Visual Arts, where she graduated with a Master's degree in Fine Arts. She studied under the tutelage of Lucio Pozzi, Will Insley, Jackie Windsor, and Louise Bourgeois.