Under City Link, 2007; 1/3
Sliver-Halide print on Plexiglass
360 x 490 mm


Composing scenes with holographic imagery Martina Mrongovius explores the psycho-physical shaping of spatial perception. Her artworks include installations with holograms and designing participatory event structures. She plays on a sense of adventure to bring an awareness to forces at play in urban perception.

Her early work included animated holographic laser projections. For her first major exhibition tiny holograms were sewn together and replayed using lasers and mechanical contraptions to project animated dragonflies.

In collaboration with Banditfox, Mrongovius produced a comic book adventure game for the 2006 Next Wave Festival. Participants could follow the book or festival events to collect stickers and choose between multiple narratives. She also collaborates with Flux Factory, Swimming Cities and Brooklyn Pirates to create installations and events where the audience is part of the artwork.

Back in the lab she began to employ a multiplex technique to stencil hundreds of frames into a single optical print. Her compositions map emotive and imaginative forces into spatial dynamics. Moving around the viewer reveals the holographic image, their sense of motion resonating to create the poetics of the scene.

Initially producing animate landscape her works began to include visual protagonists - the holographic shadows of the photographer. The connection of the viewer to the body of the photographer draws the viewer into the holographic scene. Mrongovius uses these encounters with holographic scenes to map out and play with the subtle forces that shape perception.

About Martina Mrongovius

With a PhD in Spatial Information Architecture Martina Mrongovius creates artworks with holographic animation. She explores urban adventures and strange architectural encounters with compositions of multiple perspectives and intertwined dynamics. To create these artworks she has traveled the globe, loosing herself in cities and building hologram printing facilities.

Weaving through her holographic artworks are studies in physics, developing multiple thread narratives and collaborating to produce participatory art events. Mrongovius also curates exhibitions and mentors artist through her work with the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne and the Center for the Holographic Arts, New York

Each of her solo exhibitions represent a significant conceptual series, often accompanied by essays and art books.