Dementia VII, 2013
Photography / Digital Collage 
20 x 30 in. 

Dementia XXX, 2014
Photography / Digital Collage 
20 x 30 in. 

Matt Lombard 

Over the past year, I have been focused on my Dementia series. These are mutilated portraits of people in various states such as confusion, pain, and anger. I have created over 30 different images for this series and plan to continue the work for some time. These images are my reflections and emotions of experiencing the decline and loss of my father.

About Matt Lombard 

Native to Wisconsin, Matt Lombard has never been a stranger to the creative process. His first love, the guitar, opened the door to other outlets of artistic expression. From the lens of his camera to the digital canvas, he weaves a path to the darkest side of human nature. Combining fleeting glimpses of a fever ridden mind and the transcendent dreams of angels, he exposes the viewer to other worlds. "I have always been attracted to extremes in all forms. I believe this inevitably leaks out of my subconscious and is reborn in my imagery like some sort of dark spiritual voice looking for a doorway to sail through"