Paper Pieces 
Female solo performance
10 minute excerpts


In PaperPieces, Wolcott uses dance theater, spectacle and papered architecture to explore a world of awkward moments exposed, tender collisions, and mundane survival. The protagonist is a naïve in snow globe memories, a haute couture avatar doing battle and a woman balancing on the most delicate edge of love. Wolcott sources the sensory and psychological connections we have with the material objects we touch, see, and engage with daily as a catalyst for composition and performance. Together with her collaborator, sound designer Omar Zubair, they create a piece that operates like a series of cinematographic dissolves and quick cuts where density of narrative detail is delivered in complex blasts. The visual, sonic and kinesthetic information ultimately compounds and subdivides, giving the audience a sense of being an intimate co-conspirator in the destruction and reformation of this paper world.

About Nicole Wolcott

Nicole Wolcott  is a choreographer, teacher and movement artist based in Brooklyn. She has performed and collaborated with dance companies, rock bands and video artists around the country for twenty years.

In 2003, Nicole co-founded KEIGWIN + COMPANY with her friend Larry Keigwin and was the Associate Artistic Director and a featured dancer until 2013. Nicole enjoys assisting Larry on a variety of projects both within and outside of the company’s framework. Most recently, she assisted him on the Broadway production of If/Then starring Idina Menzel, which opened at the Richard Rogers Theater in New York City on March 30th.