The Darkest Day (From Assassination Portraits), 2011
20 x 16 in. 


My artwork themes explore danger, mystery, and seduction. These are also the attributes that keep me interested in a project from the initial spark through to final execution.

I work in screen printing for the same reason I worked in darkroom photography printing -- being able to manually manipulate prints during the printing process. Just like my photography work, I am interested in creating unique prints, rather than editions. Perfection is for computers, copiers, and machines. I like art to feel handmade and raw.
My current work, Assassination Portraits, explores the physical similarities of the assassinated and the assassin -- two figures locked in time through a single, historical moment that overtime begin to appear more alike than different.

About Robert Pierosh 

Robert Pierosh’s artwork has primarily concentrated in photography, but more recently, Robert has become more intersted in satisfiying personal creative goals through storytelling and screenprinting. His current work, Assassination Portraits explores the relationship between the assassinated US Presidents and their assassins.

An advertising veteran of over 20 years, he has led creative and user experience design for international brands in automotive, technology, travel, luxury brands, and consumer goods.

Robert’s work has been exhibited nationally. He splits his time between New York City and Bucks County, Pennsylvania.