Degrees of Freedom (Placeholder for new work), 2013
String, Nails, Black Light 
Variable dimensions


The relationship between the self and the collective consciousness, our perception of reality and the gaps in history – that indicate we know very little about the world around us – are recurrent subjects in my work. To bring them to life, research on ancient history, psychology, metaphysics and quantum mechanics are combined with tactile and bodily explorations, inspired by the work of the Brazilian Neo-Concrete movement of the 60’s. In my 3D drawings (geometric structures), the viewers are invited to participate and create their paths within the piece. They can opt to go left, right or turn back. Quantum mechanics investigates the possibility that the decisions not made in this universe happened in a parallel one, and my installations represent visually the exact instant these decisions are being made. The glow of white strings under black light, however, creates a timeless, out of space feeling. Or, some say, a different dimension kind of experience

About Sabrina Barrios 

Sabrina Barrios was born and raised in the south of Brazil, where she studied Graphic Design, from 1999 to 2004. Ms. Barrios then lived in London and São Paulo, where she worked with editorial design at MTV and Globo-Condé Nast. In 2009 Sabrina moved to New York and completed her Masters degree in Fine Arts from Brooklyn's Pratt Institute. From May 2012 to January 2013, the artist traveled the world with her collaborative, Hide-and-Seek, making and showing art - in Germany, the US and Brazil. Sabrina's paintings, drawings, videos and installations, seen all over the globe, deal with psychology, perception and quantum mechanics. The viewer is invited to walk through her personal trajectory, and make it their own.