History, 2014
Dry Pigment and Sandpaper on Canvas
53 x 27 x 3 in


Working with powerful memories of the distinctive desert landscape of my childhood, my practice explores the psychological impact of remote spaces on the development of identity. I choose materials for their inherent evocation of the high desert and manipulate them minimally; their intrinsic properties drive the creative process. My primary media are sandpaper and dry pigment. The latter is typically mixed with water and occasionally acrylic paint and applied in a wash to raw canvas. Most works involve cutting a stretched canvas and integrating sandpaper sculptures into the cut spaces. This creates a kind of topography where the canvas edge meets the sculpted sandpaper element. The physicality of the work is central, and its evocation of landscape. In an increasingly virtual world that emphasizes universal accessibility divorced from physical location, my interest lies in the psychological necessity of physical place, rooted in a singular geography. Ultimately, my work explores the particular power of vast, remote landscape to provide the necessary literal and psychological space to rework categories of self.

About Sarah E. Brook

Sarah E. Brook is a visual artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She is originally from Reno, Nevada. Brook studied fine art at the University of Notre Dame (BA, 2003) and the Art Students League of New York (2011-2013). In 2014, Brook had a solo exhibition at the Greenpoint Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), and the Vanderbilt Republic (Brooklyn, NY) will host her second solo exhibition in 2015. Awards include First Place at Viridian Artists 25th Annual Juried Show (NY, 2014), Best in Show at Greenpoint Gallery’s Annual Salon Show (Brooklyn, 2014), and a residency award from the Kimmel Harding Nelson Foundation (NE, 2015). She is currently represented by the Vanderbilt Republic (Brooklyn).