One, 2015
Oil on Canvas
52 x 116 in. 


Oil Mosaic is the brainchild of Shi Cun who believes that true art comes from the combination of inner passion, unprecedented style and hardworking craftsmanship that represents a time of change. The concept of Oil Mosaic comes from Zen, a transformation of Chinese philosophy and artistic Ideorealm. In Shi Cun’s opinion, Zen is the expression of inner peace while Mosaic is the method of Oil Mosaic. The process of completing his mosaic oil painting is the process of comprehending Zen's state of mind.

Zen is a philosophy that expresses a state of mind, inner peace and artistic Ideorealm. The completion of each Oil Mosaic painting itself is a hard journey that requires consistent dedication, complete concentration and skillful craftsmanship. Such journey has become the physical practice of the spiritual journey of Zen. Each Oil Mosaic painting is filled with 17,170 mosaic squares on a 52’ x 116’ canvas with each brush of oil paint specifically mixed on the palette for each square.

Shi Cun has applied his Oil Mosaic style to his oil paintings of currency and Dow Jones, which are the totem reflecting the current statues of economical and political change.

About Cun Shi

Born in Nanjing, China, Shi Cun started to learn painting when he was nine from a well-established artist He Ye, the Dean of Art Department of Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute. Shi Cun moved to New York in 1987 and started his career as a professional artist. Since 1988, his work had been exhibited in NYC, Europe and Taiwan.

In 1994, while attending his solo show exhibited at Taipei IT Park, Shi Cun was selected to be the next generation young artist appearing in a series of "New New Generation” commercials broadcasted nationwide on TV, which made him a celebrity artist.

MTV Networks recruited him in 1995 to be MTV Asia VJ to host three daily shows. After MTV, Shi Cun became an entrepreneur by starting up his own multimedia company developing content for television, internet and mobile. His experience in different careers provided him with a new angle to recognize contemporary art, which eventually inspired him to create a new language of painting -- Oil Mosaic.