Self Portrait, 2012
Found Objects 
60 x 48 in. 


I feel like I always knew that I wanted to make things. I did not enjoy playing with toys as a kid but instead used them as a catalyst for a creative endeavor like building jumps for cars and motorcycles, forts for GI Joe figures and stuff like that. I always liked drawing and that just led me down the road towards what I do now. I still like to draw. I wanted to go an art school or just drop out of life and surf but to please my parents I went to a liberal arts school near a great surf spot and majored in art. Painting really opened up a whole new world for me. 

About Thomas Deininger 

Born in 1970 in Boston, MA, Thomas Deininger is an artist receiving considerable attention as contemporary artist and environmentalist. Deininger, who is a highly regarded and collected fine art painter, credits his success on canvas is a direct result (and linked to) his background in abstract art. Deininger, widely known as the artist who turns (recycles) junk into fine art installations, has produced museum scale installations which are then collected by corporations and high profile collectors worldwide. Deininger says he approaches both bodies of work with a "more than nature has to offer" mentality- and it shows in his art.