XX & YY Chairs, 2014
(XX): 34.25 x 17 x 17 in. seat 17.5 in. 
(YY): 32 x 14 x 14 in. seat 16.5 in. 



My work focuses on the dependent relationship between the whole and the segment and the fragile balance between order and disorder. In particular I work with patterns—portraying them simply and in their entirety, or through the prism of a larger pattern. In this way I can focus on specific elements of dependency within the pattern that produces a seemingly chaotic effect. For example, a piece that appears to have a stable logic will also expose the chaos that binds it together. Conversely, in other pieces which are more deliberately chaotic, the underlying order that renders it viable is exposed. The functional aspect of the work (e.g. tables, chairs, etc.) serves to emphasize the inevitable dependency of order and disorder in our everyday.

About TJ Volonis 

TJ Volonis received a BA in Japanese Studies from UMASS Amherst and has lived in Brooklyn for 15 years.

TJ’s creative work, at its core, is about revealing the unseen and reimagining it in new ways. It also incorporates a wide variety of themes including: human biological processes, the natural world and man’s relationship to it, hidden systems, technology and contemporary culture, and the implicit balance between order and chaos, among others. He views his work as a collaboration between the material with its limitations and his own intentions.

His work has appeared in: Architectural Digest, The New York Observer, LUXE Interiors + Design, Wallpaper* Magazine, Elle Décor, Lonny Magazine, Freshome, Core 77, Design Milk, and Artsicle among others. In 2013 he showed work at ICFF in New York City, and in 2014 he showed at BKLYN DESIGNS. He was selected as one of NYC’s top emerging artists in 2011 and 2013 and was the 2005 Best Emerging Artist in Mixed Media at the GLAAD OUTAuction.