Part 4: 28 pages, 2015
C-print mounted on aluminum with plexi face
30 x 50


Column Frenzy: 549 W 52, 2015
C-print mounted on aluminum with plexi face
30 x 50


C-print mounted on aluminum with plexi face
30 x 50



Vicki DaSilva creates site-specific photographic interventions by manually
drawing with lamps, live on location, outdoors at night or in dark interior spaces. These images are made possible through processes of recording that are unique to photography. The execution time varies in duration from minutes to hours per photograph. Video documentation of the process is shared online via her YouTube channel.

DaSilva’s work is a modern expansion of a technique that first explored light
painting photography through the study of human physiology in France in 1889 in Étienne-Jules Marey’s scientific laboratory. Man Ray was the first artist in 1935 to use light painting in his Space Writing series. In 1949 LIFE photographer, Gjon Mili famously collaborated with Picasso who created a series of light drawing photographs.

The practice of light painting photography as an art form was never fully
embraced as the sole primary focus of an artist’s practice until Vicki DaSilva
recognized the historic opportunity as an art student in 1980 to expand upon the novelty of the medium that was experimented with by several major artists but none of which adopted as a primary practice in their work. She was heavily influenced by the convergence of street and graffiti art during the birth of hip-hop that created a lasting graffiti love affair with light replacing spray paint.

Since the 80’s DaSilva has continually pushed the medium by expanding her work as it relates to two primary methodologies: text art, (which she refers to as light graffiti; a term she is credited with) and abstract interventions that attempt to define space, volume and weightlessness through the manual act of drawing with an eight foot fluorescent lamp.

About Vicki DaSilva 

Vicki DaSilva is the original light graffiti and light painting photographic artist considered the pioneer of the medium since 1980. Her work continues to push the boundaries of drawing with light as it relates to site interventions, text based work and the context of contemporary art.

DaSilva’s work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions at SCOPE Miami Beach, Cheryl Hazan Contemporary, Dorsky Curatorial Projects, Lesley Heller Workspace, Woodward Gallery, Snap! Orlando Photo Festival, NADA Art Fair, Context Art Miami, Fountain Art Fair, Center for Photography at Woodstock, and Silver Eye Center for Photography, among many others. She is a two time photography fellowship recipient from the PA Council on the Arts. In 2012 DaSilva was the solo winner of the international competition Art Takes Times Square that resulted in her work being featured on the 13 major digital billboards of the Times Square Midnight Moment art program.