Birth of B-Art, 2004
Oil on Canvas
70 x 66 in. 

Emergence, 2004
Oil on Canvas
80 x 41 in. 



The character Zezziou is a real eighty-one year old New Yorker, named Sid Reich who has had a life long passion for art. It was not until he retired from the business world last year that he decided to make art the focus of his life. He has been an avid jogger for 50 years and during his runs he finds it intellectually stimulating to connect art to the every day absurdities depicted in the media and TV. The result is satire and parody as portrayed in these large canvasses.

Zezziou is an artist like Jeff Koons is an artist. He has ideas that he wants to pursue, and he needs help manifesting them. He turned to Mikel Glass, an artist whose work he had collected over the years, who then enlisted Liz Adams-Jones and Marshall Jones to collaborate in making these works. Daniel Baltzer made the new frames, and Gill & Lagodich provided the old ones.